16 Best FSBO Sites 2022 | Read This BEFORE You Sell By Owner

Michael Warford


Michael Warford

November 30th, 2022
Updated November 30th, 2022


best for sale by owner websites

The best for sale by owner websites | Where to list FSBO for free | What paid FSBO sites are worth it? | Top FSBO websites for specialty properties | Local options

If you're selling your house for sale by owner (FSBO), it's crucial to advertise where buyers will see it. We've compiled a list of the best places to post for FSBO homes — including several FSBO websites that let you sell your home yourself for free.

We'll look at the best FSBO websites below to help you make the most informed decision. But if you're considering FSBO because you want commission savings, we think you can do better with a real estate agent. Homes sold with a realtor often fetch a higher selling price than FSBO homes, so you'll typically end up saving more overall with a realtor than you would on your own. Thanks to digital advances in the industry, you also no longer have to pay full price for a full-service agent.

Clever Partner Agents, for example, are top local experts and they can help you get the best price for your home. They charge a discounted listing fee of just 1%, so you'll net significant savings without having to sacrifice service. Plus, it's free to talk to a real estate agent and comes with no obligations. You can compare your options to ensure you're making the right choice. Find top local agents and get a 1% listing fee!

The best FSBO sites

Wondering where to list a house for sale by owner for free — or which paid FSBO websites are actually worth it? We've compiled a list of the best FSBO websites. Click on any company name to learn more.

🖥 FSBO website
🏷 Type
13. Houzeo

Where can I list my home for sale by owner for free?

If you’re looking for free for sale by owner websites, you have a few options, such as ForSaleByOwner.com, Zillow (and its sister site Trulia), and Facebook Marketplace.

Be aware that free FSBO websites won't list your house on the MLS (multiple listing service). That’s important because buyers’ agents often find homes to show their clients through local MLS listings. If your home isn’t on the MLS, you could miss out on a HUGE pool of potential buyers.

Plus, you won’t get any extras or add-ons, like marketing materials, attorney references, or virtual showings, that can help make selling your home easier. If a free FSBO site does offer these features, it’s almost always for a fee — at which point you’re probably better off with listing your home for sale by owner on a paid website.

That said, it’s hard to argue with free. While these websites do have their drawbacks, they will still give you some decent exposure.

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📣 Our take: Zillow isn't as great for FSBO sellers as it once was, but as the biggest real estate listings site it's still the go-to place for selling without a real estate agent.

Zillow and its sister site Trulia are two of the leading real estate sites. Even though neither caters exclusively to for sale by owner homes, they have features that allow sellers to post for sale by owner. It’s free to list a house on Zillow, and all Zillow listings appear on Trulia automatically.

Compared to the clunky design of many FSBO sites, Zillow listings look visually appealing, and you can easily manage your property from any device.

To post your FSBO listing on Zillow and Trulia, all you have to do is create a Zillow account, then begin uploading photos and putting in the description details, such as the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and amenities.

✍ Editor's note

Recent changes to Zillow make it harder for FSBO homes to attract potential buyers. Those changes keep free FSBO listings separate from listings that have an agent. The bottom line? When you list for sale by owner on Zillow, your listing will be a LOT less visible than agent-represented listings.

Keep in mind that, while Zillow does get a large amount of traffic, a Zillow FSBO listing is NOT an MLS listing. That means it won’t get the same amount of exposure that an MLS listing — which most paid FSBO sites offer — would get.

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📣 Our take: ForSaleByOwner.com has a large audience looking specifically for FSBO homes, but with no MLS listing option and limited add-ons, its service only goes so far.

ForSaleByOwner.com has been around since 1999 and claims to have seven times more traffic than any other FSBO site. Here, you can list residential properties like single-family homes, condos, and townhouses.

It's free to advertise your FSBO listing on ForSaleByOwner.com and it has some useful features, like a home pricing calculator and legal forms. But your home won't show up on the local MLS, and your ad won't be syndicated on any other real estate websites, like Zillow or Redfin. That means your listing will only be viewable by buyers who actually go to ForSaleByOwner.com.

In other words, most buyers won't see it.

ForSaleByOwner.com does offer a “Professional” plan through Rocket Homes, but we don’t recommend it if you’re looking to save money and want to stick with for sale by owner. It includes an agent and will set you back 5-6% — no different from the average for real estate commission.

Also, keep in mind that for sale by owner homes sell for 26% less on average than agent-listed homes. That means most FSBO sellers risk walking away with even less cash than if they had paid a normal commission rate for an agent. If you really want to save money, your best bet is to sell with a full-service agent who charges lower rates.

For example, Clever pre-negotiates discounted listing fees from top-rated real estate agents at trusted brokerages like Keller Williams and Berkshire Hathaway. With Clever, you'll get all the service and support you expect from a traditional agent, but pay a fraction of the typical price!

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Why do all the work of selling FSBO only to end up with less money than you would have with an agent? Clever offers you bigger savings without sacrificing the service you expect from a traditional realtor.

With Clever:

✅ You'll only pay $3,000 or 1% to list your home

✅ You'll work with a full-service realtor from a top broker

✅ It's free, with zero obligation — you can walk away at any time

Saving on realtor fees doesn't have to mean sacrificing service. Find a top local agent today!

Facebook Marketplace

📣 Our take: Facebook Marketplace is easy to use and a popular classifieds site, but it isn't exclusively for real estate, so you won't find any for sale by owner tools to help you sell faster or for more money.

Facebook Marketplace has become a popular site for selling just about everything, including real estate. It is a good choice if you’re selling your home yourself and looking for a free website that gives your listing plenty of exposure.

But like most for sale by owner websites, Facebook Marketplace is completely DIY. You won’t get any help with photography, marketing, or closing.

You also may want to check your privacy settings before posting anything to Facebook Marketplace if you don’t want strangers who are looking at your listing also snooping around your Facebook profile.


📣 Our take: Craigslist offers a barebones FSBO listing and it's notorious for scammers. But it still has a large audience of potential buyers — just make sure you keep your guard up against suspicious offers.

Craigslist isn’t as influential as it once was, but it remains one of the most visited FSBO listing sites on the web. It’s completely free to use and it can get your for sale by owner home some decent exposure, especially in markets where Craigslist is still a popular resource.

However, true to Craigslist's reputation, its features are very basic. You’ll get to post some photos and include a description of your property, but that’s about it.

Also, Craigslist is notorious for attracting scammers, so you’ll have to keep your guard up against unscrupulous users and offers that sound too good to be true.

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Best paid FSBO websites

If you’re looking to sell your home for sale by owner, websites that charge a fee usually — although not always — offer better exposure. Those fees can vary a lot — from less than $100 to thousands of dollars.

✍️ Editor's note

If you plan to sell your house for sale by owner, we recommend investing in a flat-fee MLS listing. For a small fee — typically a few hundred dollars — a flat-fee MLS company will post your house on the local MLS — an industry directory of homes for sale that ensures your listing gets much more exposure. Importantly, some paid FSBO websites offer a flat-fee MLS listing option — but some don't.

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Service will also vary with paid for sale by owner websites — some will only offer a basic listing on their own site, while others will include extras, like marketing materials, key lockboxes, yard signs, and legal forms.

To help you decide, here’s our ranking of some of the best FSBO sites that charge a fee.

🏡 FSBO site
💰 Price
📋 MLS option?
$99-$499 (+1%)


📣 Our take: Fizber's two flat-fee MLS listing plans are relatively cheap, but unlike most competitors, they don't offer optional add-ons to help you sell your house.

Fizber offers four packages — one free and three paid — to help you sell your home without an agent. The quality of the plans varies a lot.

Its free plan only gets your FSBO property only limited exposure on Fizber itself and won’t get you on the MLS without a realtor. That’s a problem! Fizber doesn’t get enough traffic to really make a Fizber listing alone worthwhile.

Its three paid plans range from $95 to $395, but to get your money’s worth you will have to pay at least $295. Anything less, and you won’t get MLS access, which will severely limit the number of buyers who see your listing.

Fizber’s prices — even its two most expensive plans — are about average for a paid FSBO website. That said, there’s nothing particularly special about the service. And unlike most other for sale by owner websites, it doesn’t offer add-ons, like yard signs or key boxes.

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📣 Our take: FSBO.com is one of only two FSBO websites that will get you on Redfin even if you're not on the MLS, but neither of its listing packages offer much overall value.

FSBO.com is good for FSBO sellers who want to sell their home on a well-known, dedicated FSBO site. It offers two packages, both of which are pretty barebones compared to other services. You’ll have to pay extra for add-ons, like yard signs and marketing materials.

The first package is $99.95 for a 6-month listing on FSBO.com, a Redfin listing, and unlimited photos and one video. Along with Fizber, FSBO.com is the only other FSBO website that will get your FSBO listings on Redfin, which gives you a bit more reach.

The second option is an MLS package, which gets you an MLS listing, along with listings on popular websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com. Because an MLS listing gives you a lot more exposure, the price is much higher for this plan, at $399.95, which is high given that you don’t get a whole lot for it.


📣 Our take: If you want a lot of extra features, Beycome's cheaper plans offer better value for FSBO sellers compared to the competition — just don't waste your time with its pricier Concierge service.

Beycome is a flat-fee MLS listing service available in California, most of the Southeast, and a handful of other states.

It offers three plans, but we think only two are worthwhile: The Basic Package, which costs $99, or its Enhanced Package, which costs $299. These prices are good value considering they both get you MLS access, have much higher photo limits for the cost, and give you unlimited changes to your MLS listing. However, if you’re looking for something more basic — like a no-frills MLS listing — other options are cheaper.

We also don’t recommend Beycome’s Concierge plan, which comes with a dedicated agent and is therefore not even FSBO. It costs $499 upfront plus 1% of the sale price. At that rate, it costs as much (or more!) as low commission companies that guarantee full service and support.

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Clever's service is 100% free, with zero obligation. Interview as many agents as you like until you find the perfect fit — or walk away at any time.


📣 Our take: If you're comfortable going full DIY and you just want a no-frills MLS listing, Homecoin offers the best MLS package. But if you need extra services, you're better off looking elsewhere.

Homecoin is a simple-to-use FSBO and flat-fee MLS listing site. It charges $95 for an MLS listing, and you can purchase additional services a la carte.

That makes Homecoin a good choice if you just want an MLS listing and don’t need many extra features. However, Homecoin’s a la carte options are on the pricier side compared to other for sale by owner websites. If you plan to buy add-ons like key boxes and yard signs, another paid FSBO website is probably more cost effective.

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📣 Our take: At $39 per month, HomeFinder looks like a low-cost option. But with no MLS listing, limited inventory, and minimal traffic, it's mostly a waste of time and money if you're looking for the best FSBO site.

HomeFinder is a marketplace connecting buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals. It has been in business for 15 years. Some HomeFinder reviews complain about a lack of inventory in many locations, but the website is fairly simple to use, and it costs only $39 per month to list your home.

Overall, HomeFinder is worth a look if you want to sell your home for sale by owner on an easy-to-use website. However, their monthly traffic is a lot less than free FSBO sites like Zillow and, unlike most paid options, HomeFinder offers no MLS option to increase your listing’s reach.


📣 Our take: Houzeo's for sale by owner plans look affordable, but surprise fees and misleading marketing claims make them seem better than they actually are.

Houzeo is a popular FSBO listing and flat-fee MLS site. While it operates nationwide, it has only limited coverage in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

Houzeo offers four plans, ranging from $199 to $999+ — although specific prices and features do vary by state. Every plan includes an MLS listing, but the time and photo limit of that listing will depend on how much you pay. Its most expensive plan includes additional features, like contract review and price assistance, that take some of the DIY out of FSBO.

Houzeo’s advertised prices are in line with what other flat-fee MLS sites offer, but they include a lot less than what you’ll get elsewhere. You may also encounter surprise fees. Houzeo's Bronze Plan, for example, charges $25 for each change you make to your listing, which can quickly eat into any savings.

🚩 Watch out for misleading claims about agent savings

Many FSBO websites — including Houzeo — claim that you'll pay absolutely no commission if your buyer doesn't have an agent. While this is technically true, it fails to mention that the vast majority of buyers do have agents.

So, chances are you'll still have to offer a buyer's agent commission in order to get buyers' agents to show your home to their clients. The buyer's agent commission is typically around 2.5-3% of the final purchase price.

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📣 Our take: ISoldMyHouse.com offers a basic FSBO listing service with pricey plans and expensive add-ons. In most situations, other for sale by owner services offer better value.

ISoldMyHouse.com offers a range of services nationwide, including a flat-fee MLS service, a cash buyer program, and a service that connects home sellers with discount real estate agents.

Its flat-fee MLS prices — ranging from $299 to $399 — are high considering you don’t get very many extras. If you want add-ons, your final bill will quickly add up. A simple lock box will cost you an additional $50 — much higher than what you’d pay yourself at a local hardware store.

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Best educational FSBO sites

Before you decide to sell for sale by owner, do your research to make sure it’s really the right move for you.

These websites don’t let you list your home for sale by owner, but they do provide the info and guidance you need to decide whether FSBO makes sense for your situation.


Clever is the best place to find need-to-know information about FSBO. Whether you’re looking for information about where to list your house for sale by owner or need help identifying what paperwork you need, we’ve got you covered.

Check out some of our essential reading material if you’re thinking about selling without an agent:

We also have state guides for selling without a realtor, including for Texas, California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

If you decide that FSBO is too much risk with little reward, we have guides to other home-selling methods that can help you save money when you sell your house:

And remember, if you don’t want to pay full commission for a realtor, but you still want to get the best price for your home, Clever can match you with a top local agent at a discounted rate.

» MORE: Sell with a top local agent for just $3,000 or 1%!

Realty Times

Realty Times is a popular real estate news and advice site that has a number of articles about FSBO.

Often written by real estate professionals, the articles include guides for buying a FSBO property, how to prepare a property for sale, and how to decide if for sale by owner is right for you.

Unfortunately, Realty Times doesn’t have a dedicated for sale by owner section to their website, so you’ll have to do a bit of digging to find their FSBO articles.

FSBO Documents

Dealing with paperwork is one of the biggest challenges of selling your home yourself. FSBO Documents provides an explanation of the legal documents you’ll need if you’re selling or buying a FSBO property.

The site is run by Standard Legal, a self-help legal forms software company, and you can purchase their FSBO legal forms online, including templates for purchase agreements, disclosure forms, and deeds

» MORE: What paperwork do you need to sell FSBO?

Best specialty FSBO sites

Unique properties — like commercial real estate, vacant lots, and farms — don’t often fit on traditional FSBO websites. Fortunately, there are a handful of options that are tailored to specialty properties.


📣 Our take: If you're selling a commercial property, LoopNet's massive reach makes it the obvious option — but that exposure comes at a premium.

LoopNet is the go-to service for commercial FSBO sales nationwide. They claim to be the biggest commercial real estate site, meaning they get a lot of traffic from people looking specifically to buy commercial properties.

LoopNet has an easy-to-use platform that includes digital tools that help you keep track of how your FSBO listings and email campaigns are performing, such as by giving you data about how many people view them and click on them. That allows you to tweak your listings to ensure they’re performing better.

LoopNest’s cheapest plan is just $79 per month, but this will only get you a basic listing with very limited reach.

Their other plans range from $649 per month to $2,499 per month. The specifics of what you get vary, but the big difference tends to be that your listing will be larger — and therefore more noticeable — the more you’re willing to pay.

» MORE: How to save on commercial real estate commission rates


📣 Our take: If you have a unique property to sell for sale by owner — such as farmland, a vacant lot, or even a ranch — LandFlip is affordable and attracts the sort of niche buyers you need.

LandFlip is a family of specialty real estate websites, with each website dedicated to a unique real estate need, such as farm sales, land sales, or auctions. Their websites include:

  • FarmFlip
  • RanchFlip
  • LotFlip
  • AuctionFlip
  • CommercialFlip

When you sign up for LandFlip, it will list your property on its website that is the best fit for your type of property. This helps get your listing in front of the right potential buyers.

LandFlip has four pricing plans ranging from $80 per month to $300 per month, with the main differences being in terms of search exposure, photo limits, and client support.

» MORE: 5 things to know about real estate commission on land sales

Local Options

There are plenty of for sale by owner websites that focus on specific regions and cities — so many, in fact, that it would be impossible to list them all here. Some of them, such as SimplyFSBO in Iowa and Illinois and ListingSpark in Texas, are well established in the areas they serve and can bring in some decent exposure for your listing. Others only get a handful of visitors a month and aren’t worth your time.

If there is a local FSBO website available in your area that has an established presence and can potentially attract buyers to your listing, then by all means give it a try. But keep in mind that, aside from serving a local market, most local FSBO sites don’t differ much from the paid or free FSBO sites listed above.

What to look for in a FSBO website

If you're selling your home for sale by owner and trying to decide where to post your for sale by owner listing, here are some factors to consider:

  • How much it costs to list your property on the site
  • What types of properties can be listed
  • The website's features — ex. unlimited photos and video support
  • Whether your listing will be automatically syndicated on other FSBO websites

Need help deciding if FSBO is right for you?

Selling your house DIY could save you money on listing fees, but it's not right for everyone. It's a LOT of work, and can be incredibly frustrating. Plus, data shows that FSBO sellers tend to get about 26% less for their homes that agent-assisted homes[1] — that could reduce or even eliminate the money you save by avoiding commission.

If you decide for sale by owner isn't your best option, Clever can pre-negotiate a low commission rate for you. You'll connect with a full service agent from a top brokerage like Berkshire Hathaway or RE/MAX, but you'll pay a listing fee of just $3,000 or 1%. You'll save on closing costs while getting the full service of a great agent!

👋 Next Steps: Talk to an expert!

If you're weighing your options for buying or selling a house, Clever can help!

Our fully-licensed concierge team is standing by to answer questions and provide free, objective advice on getting the best outcome with your sale or purchase.

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Give us a call at 1-833-2-CLEVER or enter your info below. Our concierge team will be in touch shortly to help.

Remember, this service is 100% free and there’s never any obligation.


Where can I list my house for sale by owner?

Sites like Zillow and ForSaleByOwner.com let you list your house yourself for free. Other companies, like Beycome and Homecoin, charge a fee, but in exchange you’ll get more service and potentially reach more potential buyers. Find all the best websites where you can list your house for sale by owner.

Where can I find for sale by owner listings?

You can find for sale by owner listings on general home buying websites, like Zillow and Trulia, or on FSBO-specific websites, like Fizber and ForSaleByOwner.com. Check out our list of the best FSBO websites to learn more.

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