eXp Realty ExpressOffers: Reviews, How It Works, Pros & Cons

Jamie Ayers


Jamie Ayers

March 10th, 2023
Updated March 10th, 2023


How it works | Key considerations | Pros and cons | FAQs

ExpressOffers is a cash offer program from eXp Realty. Sellers connect with real estate agents who help them pick offers from multiple iBuyers. If none of these offers fit their needs, sellers can opt to list with an eXp agent.

Key Takeaways

  • ExpressOffers is a cash offer program that connects sellers with an eXp Realty agent.
  • You can shop multiple iBuyers, depending on your home.
  • You'll pay 5–13% of your home sale proceeds, depending on the iBuyer.
  • If you don't choose a cash offer, you can list with your eXp Realty agent at 3%.

ExpressOffers provides sellers with a fast way to sell and the guidance of an agent, making it ideal for sellers who would prefer a speedy and hassle-free process.

However, that speed and convenience come at a cost. You’ll likely receive below market offers, or you'll pay a 3% listing agent’s commission.

If you're a seller who wants to explore all of your options, try Clever Offers. Clever will let you pick a top local agent who will help you make sense of cash offers OR guide you through the traditional sale process. The best part: You'll only pay 1.5% seller realtor commission if you list with this agent — that's half of what you'd pay through ExpressOffers.

💰 Match with an agent and compare cash offers!

What is ExpressOffers?

ExpressOffers matches you with a real estate agent and collects cash offers from iBuyers. This agent will help you pick your buyer.

ExpressOffers, at a glance
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24–72 hours
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Not exactly an iBuyer, ExpressOffers doesn’t purchase your home itself. Instead, it's the middleman between you and individual buyers. This allows you to skip the hassle of the traditional selling process — repairs, staging, showings, and negotiations with a buyer — while offering more guidance and support than your typical cash buyer.

ExpressOffers speeds up and simplifies the selling process significantly by marketing your home more broadly. For instance, if your home matches the criteria of several different iBuyer companies, you could receive multiple offers. Then you can choose which offer and company best fits your needs.

If your ExpressOffers eXp Realty agent believes your home might receive a better offer on the open market, you can opt to list with the agent instead of accepting an offer from an iBuyer.

If you'd like to keep your options open AND still save big, Clever Offers can connect with an agent who will help you explore cash offers and the open market.

How does ExpressOffers work?

To sell your home with ExpressOffers, start by filling out its submission form. If your home is eligible and meets the criteria of one or more iBuyers, an eXp Realty agent will reach out with any offers within two business days.

Your agent will review these offers with you and help you decide if one is a good match. If you decide to accept, you’ll move ahead with the sale and choose your closing date (in as little as a week, depending on the iBuyer).

If you don’t like any of the offers, you can either walk away with no penalty, or list with the eXp Realty agent.

Keep in mind, your costs will vary depending on the iBuyer. Most charge a service fee of 5–13%. And while iBuyers generally make offers close to market value, you'll still miss out on getting top dollar for your home.

Additionally, you’ll be responsible for typical home selling expenses like closing costs, HOA fees, taxes, etc. as well as a 3% listing agent fee for your Express Offers agent’s services.

Express Offers: Key Considerations

Express Offers provides speed, convenience, and a new spin on the cash offer business model by including an agent and the potential multiple offers BUT you need to consider a few factors before you decide to pull the trigger.

Buyers’ Criteria

With a typical iBuyer, your home needs to meet certain criteria for the company to consider purchasing it. For instance, Offerpad dictates homes must be built after 1960, can be valued at no more than $1 million (depending on the market), be in decent condition, and must be on a lot no greater than one acre. If your house does fit that description, you’re out of luck.

However, because Express Offers works with multiple iBuyers, if your home doesn’t fit one’s criteria, Express Offers can match with another buyer that does. This increases the chances of finding a fast convenient option that works for you.

Agent Involvement

One of the distinguishing features of Express Offers is that it provides sellers with an agent. Your agent can help and advise you on which iBuyer offer is best for your particular situation. You’ll be able to take advantage of their expertise and experience when deciding on whether to accept an offer, walk away, or list your home on the open market.

However, you WON'T be able to pick your agent; eXp Realty does this for you.

Fees and realtor commission

While ExpressOffers doesn't charge you to request cash offers, it can be expensive in other ways.

Depending on the iBuyer, you could pay 5–13% of your sale proceeds. On a home sold for $300,000, that's $15,000–39,000, not including additional fees.

If you opt for listing with your eXp Realty agent, you'll pay approximately 3% commission.

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The pros and cons of using ExpressOffers

Selling with Express Offers comes with trade offs — like any other cash buyer program.

For instance, you can get multiple offers from iBuyers within two days, avoid prepping your home for sale, and set your own closing date. BUT you won't make as much on your home's sale, you won't choose your agent, and you'll pay a service fee to the iBuyer.

✅ Pros
❌ Cons
  • Get a cash offer within two business days
  • Have your pick of multiple cash offers if your home meets certain criteria
  • Avoid prepping and staging your home
  • Avoid major pre-sale repairs on your home
  • Have more control on your closing date
  • Enjoy the guarantee of closing after you find a buy
  • Partner with a real estate agent to pick a buyer
  • Receive below market offers
  • Pay for home repairs from your sale proceeds
  • Pay a 3% listing fee to your agent, or negotiate this down
  • Depending on the iBuyer, pay a 5–13% service fee from your sale proceeds
  • No negotiating the sale price
  • No choice in your agent


ExpressOffers from eXp Realty connects you with a real estate agent and shops your home around to other iBuyers.

Depending on your home's condition and history, you might receive multiple cash offers in as little as two business days through ExpressOffers. Your agent will help you decide between these offers, all of which will be below fair market value. If you'd rather sell on the open market, you can easily list with this agent to get started.

While ExpressOffers gives sellers multiple options for their homes, it can potentially be expensive: Those who sell to iBuyers would pay a service charge of 5–13%, depending on the buyer. Sellers also can't choose their own agent.

A better option is Clever Offers. You'll get a top local agent of your choice and secure cash offers on your home quickly. Your agent will help you pick the best offer or sell on the open market — and charge just a 1.5% listing fee ($3,000 minimum).

FAQs about ExpressOffers

Start by giving details on your home on the ExpressOffers website. You'll be matched with an eXp Realty agent, who will share this information with iBuyers. You'll receive multiple offers, depending on your home's condition and if it meets individual buyer's criteria. You can pick any of these offers for a quick and hassle-free sale, or list with the eXp realty agent for 3%.

The cost to sell your home through ExpressOffers depends on which cash offer you choose. iBuyers generally charge 5–13% of your home's sale price; for a home that sells for $250,000, that's $12,500–32,500. If you decide to list with your eXp Realty agent, you'll pay 3%, though you can negotiate this.

No. When you sign up for ExpressOffers, eXp Realty will pick an agent for you.

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