Top Real Estate Agents in Pompano Beach (Data that Matters)

Dennis Shirshikov


Dennis Shirshikov

January 5th, 2021
Updated January 5th, 2021


Top Real Estate Agents in Pompano Beach, FL

The best real estate agents in Pompano Beach don’t just have great reviews and a long history of closing deals. They go above and beyond in providing top-notch customer service while demonstrating a strong commitment to helping you achieve your goals.

We’ve combed through the data on real estate agents in the area to find the best Pompano Beach agents. If you want us to hand-pick an agent for you, start here.

Selling | Buying

Best time to hire a top real estate agent in Pompano Beach

You want to hire an agent when you’re actually serious about finding and buying a home or selling a home in the next month or two. Unless you have a good reason, like repairs or upgrades, if you find an agent too early, you may have trouble convincing them to take you as a client because you aren't quite ready to make a decision.

On the other hand, if you find an agent too late you may make a mistake in the transaction that can literally cost you thousands of dollars. If you’re a buyer, hire an agent before you express interest in a particular property. If you’re a seller, hire an agent before you price and list your home online to ensure that your agent can leverage their knowledge and experience on your behalf.

Top real estate agents for sellers in Pompano Beach

Seller’s agents are also called listing agents because they list your home for sale. This involves arranging for professional photography, describing your home in an engaging way, and pricing it right.

Your agent will not only deal with buyers and negotiate on your behalf, but they’ll also handle all paperwork throughout the entire sales process. The best listing agent for you will have a solid history of selling homes in your location and price point and will take the time to understand your goals.

Listing agents best at:

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Shawn Raval: Helping you upsize or downsize

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sellers looking for an agent who can market their condo or single-family home effectively and help them buy a new property at a fair price

  • 146 past transactions have helped Shawn develop the knowledge to handle complex purchase and sale transactions, even though he has just six years of experience.
  • He specializes in condos as well as single-family homes.
  • Shawn knows the market for entry-level and mid-priced homes well, as most of Shawn’s experience is with properties priced below $300,000.
  • Shawn represents both buyers and sellers consistently, so he has the experience to both help you to sell your current home and to purchase a new property.
  • Most of Shawn’s listings have professional quality photographs that show the properties at their best.
  • Past reviewers have described Shawn as responsive to their needs, indicating he goes above-and-beyond to both market their current properties and show them a wide variety of homes during the buying process.
  • Shawn’s listing descriptions aren’t always the most engaging, so they may attract fewer potential buyers to see a home.
  • He’s a stronger negotiator for buyers than for sellers. Many of the properties he lists sell for as much as $5,000 to $10,000 below list price.

Heather Lefebvre: Best at negotiating

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sellers looking to get top-dollar for their properties in Imperial Point, Lighthouse Point, or Southeast Pompano Beach

  • With 20 years of experience and 301 past transactions, Heather has been involved in the sales of all different kinds of properties and has developed a wide scope of knowledge.
  • Speaks French
  • Most of her past transactions are in the Imperial Point, Lighthouse Point, and Southeast Pompano Beach areas.
  • Heather is a skilled negotiator, with most properties she lists selling for the asking price or just slightly below it.
  • Past reviews describe her as knowledgeable and responsive throughout the sales process.
  • Heather’s listings are enticing to buyers as they consistently feature both professional quality photography as well as engaging descriptions.
  • Heather is not the best agent if getting a quick sale is your priority, as most of the properties she lists stay on the market for an average length of time or a little bit longer.

Rachael Barach: Best at pricing properties accurately

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sellers who want a diligent realtor who will price their property right from the start and market it effectively with top-notch photos

  • 13 years of experience and 213 past transactions ensure Rachael has developed a deep knowledge of the Pompano Beach real estate market.
  • Most past transactions are in Bay Colony, Imperial Point, Lauderdale by the Sea, Sea Ranch Lakes, and Southeast Pompano Beach.
  • Rachael is skilled at setting the right price from the start, so price reductions are very rare for properties she lists.
  • Rachael’s listings not only feature professional photography and engaging descriptions but also attractive extras including 3D home tours and even drone footage.
  • Past reviewers have touted her diligence in handling sales transactions, as well as her top-notch communication skills.
  • Rachael isn’t a good fit if you want an agent who can help you to both sell your current property and purchase your next one as she rarely represents buyers.

Kolec Nick Ndoja and the RE/MAX First Team: Selling and buying together

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sellers who want a team of experts to stay on top of their transaction and guide them through the process of selling a mid-priced property and purchasing a new home or condo at a fair price

  • The RE/MAX First Team has had 734 recent past sales. After helping so many clients buy and sell homes, the team has proven its skill in meeting customer needs and representing clients in all different kinds of situations.
  • Most past transactions involve properties valued at between $100,000 and $500,000.
  • The team primarily works in Imperial Point, Kendall Green, Lighthouse Point, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Pompano Beach Highlands, and Sea Ranch Lakes.
  • There are bilingual agents on the team, with the team leader Nick Ndoja speaking both Spanish and Italian.
  • The RE/MAX First Time regularly represents both buyers and sellers so can both market your current property and facilitate your next real estate purchase.
  • Agents on the team consistently score substantial discounts of $5,000 to $10,000 off list price for buyers.
  • Many of their listings sell quickly, and very few take longer than average to find a buyer.
  • Agents on the team have a better track record of negotiating for buyers than sellers, with some of their listings selling for below the asking price.

Cathy Prenner: Best at selling luxury properties

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sellers of waterfront or luxury properties in East Pompano Beach, Hillsborough Beach, Lighthouse Point, or the Cove who want to work with an agent experienced in marketing million dollar properties

  • As the head of the Prenner Group, Cathy has been involved in more than 484 past sales transactions, giving her unparalleled knowledge of the Pompano Beach real estate market and plenty of practice meeting client’s needs.
  • Cathy routinely sells luxury properties, including homes priced at over $1 million.
  • Most past transactions have occurred in East Pompano Beach, Hillsborough Beach, Lighthouse Point, and The Cove, as well as in the Pompano Beach waterfront area.
  • Properties Cathy lists usually sell faster than average for the area, with most selling in under 60 days.
  • Cathy consistently includes professional photography and engaging descriptions in her listings, with some properties also featuring drone photography and 3D tours.
  • Many past reviews tout not only Cathy’s ability to successfully market luxury properties but also her ability to deal with demanding buyers.
  • Cathay is less consistent in pricing high-priced homes. Some of her luxury listings have seen price reductions of more than $5,000 off the listing price.
  • Cathy isn’t the best choice if you want an agent who can also help you purchase your new property as she’s focused mostly on representing sellers, so.

Finding the best agent is difficult. Let us handle it.

Selecting the right listing agent can net you thousands more on your property.

Top real estate agents for buyers in Pompano Beach

Buyers agents work with you to find a property you’d like to make your own.

The best buyer’s agent for you will be familiar with the local area and will have helped many buyers in your price range. Your agent should make the purchase as simple as possible. They’ll handle all the paperwork while answering questions and keeping you updated at each step.

Buyer’s agents best at:

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Kendra Obrist: Best at negotiating for mid-priced homes

RECOMMENDED FOR: Buyers looking for homes priced between $100,000 and $400,000 who need a tough negotiator to help them stay on budget

  • 25 years of past experience and 158 past transactions ensure Kendra has developed a solid knowledge of the local real estate market and a deep understanding of what it takes to help clients find their dream home.
  • Kendra is most experienced at helping buyers purchase properties priced between $100,000 and $400,000 as most of her past transactions have been in that price range.
  • Kendra primarily works in Southeast Pompano Beach.
  • Kendra is a strong negotiator who consistently helps buyers to save more than $10,000 off the list price of their homes.
  • Past reviews tout Kendra’s knowledge of the local area, her ability to overcome roadblocks during the purchase process, and her willingness to go the distance to help buyers find their dream properties.
  • Kendra works as part of a team of realtors, so there’s always someone available to answer questions and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Kendra isn’t the best choice if you’re looking for someone to help you both buy and sell your property. Although she represents sellers as well as buyers, her listing descriptions aren’t the best and many of her properties sell for well below the asking price.

Jonathan Keith: Best at negotiating in South East Pompano Beach

RECOMMENDED FOR: Buyers looking for an agent who can help them buy a property for below list price in Imperial Point or Southeast Pompano Beach

  • 17 years of experience and 416 past transactions ensure Jonathan is well prepared to handle any bumps in the road that may arise during your purchase process.
  • Speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish
  • Jonathan mostly works in Imperial Point and Southeast Pompano Beach.
  • Jonathan has rock-solid negotiating skills to help you buy a property for a fair price as he consistently helps buyers to purchase properties for $10,000 or more below the list price.
  • Past clients describe Jonathan as knowledgeable of local neighborhoods and committed to providing top-notch customer service throughout their purchase process.
  • Jonathan works as part of a team, which means there are multiple real estate professionals helping to make sure every detail of your purchase goes smoothly.
  • If you’re looking for an agent who will help you both buy and sell a property, Jonathan may not be the right fit. Although he also represents sellers, many of the properties he lists take longer than average to sell and require multiple price reductions.

Denise Stewart: Best at helping find the perfect location

RECOMMENDED FOR: Buyers looking for an agent who works throughout the Pompano Beach area who can help them find the perfect location to buy properties valued at up to $1 million

  • 25 years of experience and 241 past sales have helped Denise to develop an intimate knowledge of Pompano Beach which she can put to work to help you find your perfect neighborhood.
  • Works throughout the Pompano Beach area including in Bermuda Riviera, Deerfield Beach, East Pompano Beach, Galt Mile, Hillsborough Beach, Lauderdale by the Sea, Lighthouse Point, the Pompano Beachfront, and Sea Ranch lake
  • Helps clients buying and selling properties in a wide variety of price ranges up to $1 million.
  • Past reviews tout her familiarity with the area, with many out-of-state buyers indicating she helped them identify the perfect location to purchase a home.
  • Denise is frequently able to help buyers to score substantial savings off list price, with some transactions closing for $10,000 or more below the asking price.
  • Denise’s knowledge of multiple locations throughout Pompano Beach makes her a good fit for buyers just starting their search who need help deciding which area is best for them.
  • Denise rarely represents sellers and many of her listings sell for well below the asking price, so she’s not the best fit if you’re looking for an agent who can help you to both buy and sell your home.

Howard Goldberg: Best at negotiating for luxury homes

RECOMMENDED FOR: Buyers of luxury homes priced up to $2 million who want a strong negotiator to help them save thousands off the listing price

  • 32 years of experience and 561 past sales ensure Howard knows the luxury real estate market in Pompano Beach well and has the experience to evaluate properties and determine a fair price.
  • Howard works primarily in Bay Colony, Bermuda River, Galt Mile, Imperial Point, Lake Estates, Knoll Ridge, and Southeast Pompano Beach.
  • Speaks Spanish and French.
  • Howard routinely helps buyers to save more than $10,000 off of the list price of properties they’re purchasing.
  • Past review tout Howard’s patience, willingness to help them find a property that meets their specific needs, and communication skills throughout the purchase process.
  • Howard routinely represents buyers and sellers in transactions involving high-end properties, with some transactions above $2 million. These past transactions demonstrate his familiarity with the luxury market in Pompano Beach.
  • Howard represents sellers more often than buyers, so he’ll have to split his time between helping you find your perfect property and marketing his listings.

Janine Spiegelman: Relocating to Pompano Beach

RECOMMENDED FOR: Buyers on a budget who need an agent skilled at remote showings who can help them relocate to a permanent new home or a winter home in the Pompano Beach area

  • 39 years of experience and 135 recent transactions ensure Janine knows what it takes to satisfy clients and has developed a strong understanding of the Pompano Beach real estate market.
  • Most of Janine’s transactions involve properties priced below $300,000.
  • Janine primarily works in the Southwest Pompano Beach area.
  • Janine routinely represents out-of-state buyers and is skilled at remote showings, so clients can view properties before traveling to the area.
  • Past reviews tout her ability to overcome challenges in the purchasing process, as well as her responsiveness and strong communication skills.
  • Janine’s strong negotiating skills routinely help buyers to save as much as $10,000 off asking price.
  • Properties Janine lists often take longer than average to sell and she’s not as strong a negotiator for sellers, with many transactions closing for $5,000 or more below the asking price. That means she’s not the best agent if you’re hoping to work with the same person to both buy and sell your home.

Nancy Lairet: Best at first-time buyers

RECOMMENDED FOR: First-time buyers with budgets under $400,000 who need a detailed-oriented agent to negotiate aggressively on their behalf and help them get a fair price

  • 235 past sales have helped Nancy to better understand the concerns of home buyers so she can guide inexperienced first-time purchasers in asking the right questions and finding the perfect home.
  • Most of Nancy’s past transactions involve properties priced under $400,000.
  • Speaks Spanish
  • Nancy is a strong negotiator for buyers, frequently helping them to save as much as $10,000 off the list price of homes.
  • Few of the properties Nancy lists experience price reductions.
  • Past reviews indicate that Nancy is detail-oriented and communicates well through every step of the process.
  • Nancy represents sellers more often than buyers and currently has multiple active listings, so she’ll have to split her focus between assisting with your purchase and managing the properties she has for sale.

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